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Do You Admire People Who Walk The Talk?

At Heartwork, we admire people who actually walk the talk. People who do what they said they could do, or would do, not just making empty promises. And if needed, they make life-changing decisions along the way. Nothing fosters trust more than owning up to what one stands for.

That might feel strong and sometimes even unattainable because change is difficult. We all like things as they are – nice and predictable. And it’s easier to go into a change process when we initiate it rather than forced on us from the outside.

What makes that softer – and perhaps more attainable – is the second aspect of trust: relaxing into the notion that changes will turn out for the good. Also, trusting that we can make a difference together. Especially when it comes to sustainability.

And at Heartwork, we want to do our part and support you in this process – we want to walk the talk too 😉.

On Tuesday the 31st of January we organise an online pop-up training on
Trust: an underestimated quality in sustainability work? 

  • Wat is the importance of trust?
  • What does it mean in (work) relationships?
  • What is the role of trust in life in general?

This pop-up training took place in the past, if you would like access – please let us know

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