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Let’s take you to the next level.

Step by step, we help companies and organisations to become more purposeful. But we focus on attainable goals, so your organisation can see and feel its progress. That’s how we inspire the rest of your organisation to want to become a part of the process too.

HeartWork scan
HeartWork scan

In a single month we scan your organisation on its level of maturity, its willingness to change, its existing sense of purpose and the initial projects bearing the potential to create short-term change. You’ll know what next step to take.

Change projects

Let’s jointly take the first step to becoming more purposeful: we help orchestrate and execute the most beneficial project discovered in our HeartWork Scan, in order to create short-term and eventually long-term change.

Executive Board Coaching

Conscious change needs to be fully embraced by executive leadership. Get inspired by the next generation for whom sustainability is not an option anymore, but a must. Not hindered by business as usual, they bring a fresh conscious perspective, high energy and creativity to the table. Refresh your mindset by having them pick your brain and let them challenge existing processes & ideas.

All services are supported by the HeartWork ecosystem.
All services are supported by the HeartWork ecosystem.

A network of transformation leads, conscious specialists, Young Chiefs, conscious C-level leaders and the like, ready to jump on our projects. Above all, it’s a safe space where everyone can exchange experiences and where we can all grow together in our shared journey to become more purposeful.

We’re always eager to get in touch with specialists in a particular field who feel the need to put their knowledge to work in order to make our world a better place. If you think you’ve got what it takes to propel organisations forward to becoming more purposeful, request a membership to the HeartWork Ecosystem now:

The results of conscious change
The results of conscious change

By conscious change we mean a transformation process that starts with true and authentic awareness of the self and the world around you. At HeartWork, we’re not diving into the process of change as quickly as possible in order to generate Excel sheets and PowerPoint decks that look impressive. Instead, we help you to slow down, step back, create a psychological safe space and take a deliberate and conscious look at the issues at hand. You’ll be surprised by the new things that you’ll notice. Download our whitepaper to discover how the conscious perspective is absolutely essential for change in your organisation.

    What clients love about our approach.

    Hebe Boonzaaijer,
    Lead Corporate Health and Wellbeing - Deloitte

    HeartWork has contributed to expand our consciousness in ways to be a force for good in our world as a Consulting firm. It has been a delight to work with them given their authenticity, knowledge and passionate drive to create a better world.  

    Ditri Zandstra,
    Business Leader

    Engaging with the YoungChief community helps us connect with the next generation that is more purpose driven and therefore able to connect with complex topics while leveraging their diversity. To gain fresh and truthful perspectives and insights I can recommend working with the YoungChief Community.

    Peter Paul van Voorst tot Voorst,
    Founder - Skoon

    As a company with a mission to have a positive impact in the world, Skoon is honoured to work with HeartWork. Their valuable insights, based on years of experience, help us to solve complicated issues. This prepares us for the next step in our cooperation with HeartWork, hiring and developing future leaders through our new conscious traineeship program.  
    The clients that trust us.
    Let’s embrace change.
    Let’s embrace change.

    We believe in conscious change: If you and the rest of your company is truly consciously involved, we can overcome perceived limitations, bring dormant forces to life, help people to move out of their heads and into their hearts and shift the attention from the problem to the solution.
    We’re also very conscious about the power money beholds, that’s why he HeartWork company is 100% owned by the HeartWork Foundation, which invests profits in developing future leaders and in businesses, initiatives and NGOs that do good. Be sure to know that all the money you spend on us is indeed applied as a force for good.

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