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The HeartWork scan helps you find your first conscious change project.

In a single month we scan your organisation on its level of maturity, its  willingness  to change, its existing sense of purpose and the initial projects bearing the potential to create short-term change. You’ll know what next step to take.

How does it work?

The HeartWork Scan is an assessment tool that combines 360° employee input with best practices. We basically mash up your employees experiences with our conscious change experience and let the Artificial Intelligence do the magic. Employees are challenged to both evaluate the actual situation and state their ambition on 12 conscious change related pillars. Based on this input, together with you, our Heart Workers will set feasible targets for conscious change and determine the most appropriate sequence. You will know where to focus on and what steps to take.

What you get

1. A zero-measurement

We measure the score that employees give to the 12 change pillars so that you can understand your current level of organisational awareness. We make a distinction between leadership and employees as well as departments. This baseline measurement will determine the start of your action plan.

For example: “Your sales department currently rates your organisational purpose 5.8 while leadership rates it 9.2.”


2. The change appetite

We measure your organisation’s appetite and capacity for change which we compare to the results of the baseline measurement. This helps us set feasible and measurable goals for each pillar of change.

For example: “The overall ambition score of your employees on culture is 7.8 opposed to a 3.4 score for the actual situation”

3. Focus areas

The HeartWork scan identifies key focus areas for meaningful change in your organisation based on both change potential, appetite and capacity among your employees. In addition, the scan assesses draft targets on feasibility and impact among the different change categories.

For example: “Your selected 4 targets cover 36% of the actual-ambition gap and are 80% planned on target based on your organisation’s capacity to change.”

Let us show you the added value of the HeartWork Scan. For free.

Have 10-15 of your colleagues participate and speak their hearts. We give you results on the actual situation and ambition level and provide initial recommendations on the conscious change pillars. We leave you a tailored commercial offer with clear next steps for the next 6 months and offer you a ‘subscription to change’.

What clients love about our approach.

Peter Paul van Voorst tot Voorst,
Founder - Skoon

As a company with a mission to have a positive impact in the world, Skoon is honoured to work with HeartWork. Their valuable insights, based on years of experience, help us to solve complicated issues. This prepares us for the next step in our cooperation with HeartWork, hiring and developing future leaders through our new conscious traineeship program.  

Hebe Boonzaaijer,
Lead Corporate Health and Wellbeing - Deloitte

HeartWork has contributed to expand our consciousness in ways to be a force for good in our world as a Consulting firm. It has been a delight to work with them given their authenticity, knowledge and passionate drive to create a better world.  

Ditri Zandstra,
Business Leader

Engaging with the YoungChief community helps us connect with the next generation that is more purpose driven and therefore able to connect with complex topics while leveraging their diversity. To gain fresh and truthful perspectives and insights I can recommend working with the YoungChief Community.
Clients that trust us
Let’s embrace change.
Let’s embrace change.

We believe in conscious change: If you and the rest of your company is truly consciously involved, we can overcome perceived limitations, bring dormant forces to life, help people to move out of their heads and into their hearts and shift the attention from the problem to the solution.

We’re also very conscious about the power money beholds, that’s why he HeartWork company is 100% owned by the HeartWork Foundation, which invests profits in developing future leaders and in businesses, initiatives and NGOs that do good. Be sure to know that all the money you spend on us is indeed applied as a force for good.

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