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Navigate change with a guide to drive sustainable success 

We understand that navigating change can be a complex and daunting journey for organizations. Our proven approach will help you achieve meaningful and lasting transformation.


Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey that aligns purpose, drives change, and fosters sustainable success? Unlock the potential within your organization and create a lasting impact in today’s rapidly evolving world.

We begin by initiating an experiment or pilot project to generate positive energy within the company and assess its viability for broader implementation.

Our approach centers around six game changers that have proven to be instrumental in achieving meaningful and lasting transformation: 

  • We firmly believe that authentic transformation begins with self-awareness. By helping your leadership develop a deep understanding of themselves, we lay the foundation for a purposeful organization. This authenticity forms the bedrock upon which we build a purpose-driven future. 


Transforming an organization means reviewing all aspects of the business to see if they still contribute to sustainable operations. That sounds daunting, but it won’t be with the proper guide


Frank Eggink
Founder of HeartWork 

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Join us in this transformative journey

We firmly believe that true transformation starts with leadership. By focusing on the following 12 pillars of the HeartWork scan, we tailor our approach to your organization’s specific needs: 

  1. Leadership Development
  2. Purpose Alignment
  3. Organizational Culture
  4. Stakeholder Engagement
  5. Strategic Planning
  6. Change Readiness

Request the HeartWork scan to discover the remaining 6 pillars. 



With HeartWork’s strategic transformation experience, you can expect the following results:

Comprehensive Understanding

Comprehensive Understanding

We help you gain clarity on what needs to be done and provide a roadmap for success. 

Program Development

Program Development

We work together to design a customized program that aligns with your organization’s goals and values and available resources.

Leadership Empowerment

Leadership Empowerment

We facilitate leadership development programs that empower your Executive Boards and Management Boards to drive and sustain the change.

Methodologies and Frameworks

Methodologies and Frameworks

Our approach incorporates experimentation and piloting, leveraging a multidisciplinary team to ensure successful implementation. In so doing, we build the transformative change cadre in your organization.

Change Management

Change Management

We provide expert guidance and support throughout the entire transformation journey.

Contact us today to explore how we can work together to create a positive impact and transform your organization from within.

Let us help you embark on a purposeful and cohesive change journey that drives sustainable success.

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