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Tap Into The Collective Wisdom Of Your Team 

We empower you to come up with your own solutions and properly understand underlying challenges


Take your team on a journey of self awareness to regain excellence, synergy, and harmonious collaboration.


Leadership Development Training

During our 12-week program we dive deep into your intrinsic motivations to get to the core of your authentic leadership. Discover and deepen your own abilities. After completing the Inner Knowing Journey you will:

  • Know your values and what brings you fulfilment
  • Understand how to leverage your strengths
  • Identify and work through your blockers
  • Increase productivity and reduce procrastination
  • Bring increased empathy and commitment into your team 

This is done under the guidance of Certified Coach and Program Lead, Nadja Muller


It is a comprehensive program (including mediations) & build up: from one logical stepping stone to the next. I liked the integration of the more rational and intuitive sides of personal development


Wouter Vermeiden
Impact Creator at Sobolt

Wouter vermeiden

Meet our purpose-driven team

The Purpose Driven Impact Journey

During this inspiring project-based leadership journey, we support you in the transition towards becoming a ‘future-proof company’. Key elements of the PDI Journey are:

  • Leadership development
  • Team building, work and dynamics
  • Project management and delivery
  • Gaining knowledge about the broader sustainability agenda
  • Responsible entrepreneurship

This happens under the guidance of our Senior Executive Team Coaches.


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