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Nadja Muller

7 Reasons
I’m not the HeartWorker for you


Reason 1

Sustainability concerns us all: business, society, and all life on Earth. And I give that my all, because I love my life on this planet.

So if you are looking for ways of green washing your business without being committed to make a difference then I am not the right support for you.

Nadja Muller is a dynamic coach & strategist who supports you to source from the heart to turn ideas into reality. Known for teaching practical wisdom, Nadja helps leaders to move with clarity and purpose.

Not only does she coach you in fast tracking regenerative practices, but also how to get an amazing amount of things done without hard work, but heart work. Her unique ability to create moments of pause and reflection enables others to slow down and find balance in a fast-paced world.

She is specialized in holding space and leadership skills building. She has your back whilst you become the best possible leader who is in balance and reciprocity with all life on earth. Nadja’s approach emphasizes the importance of knowing when to act, making you an unstoppable force when focused.

Nadja has a long-standing international history in corporate sustainable project management and establishing sustainable business practices, starting way-back (2003) when it was still called climate change mitigation. Over the years, she has learned that we are not in control but that we all have agency.

She helps you to tap into your inner knowing of the heart until you realise that nothing is outside yourself – all answers are already within you. In this sometimes hectic world, trusting in one’s purpose is far more powerful than trying to force outcomes.

And when she is not helping decision makers to do what’s right and make the best scenarios a reality, you can find her in the veggie patch on her adventure as Wanna-Be farmer in a regular show down, with stinging nettles as her arch-nemesis.

Master navigating change successfully and how to make it a joy-ride for you, your people and your business with Nadja.

Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Think of me as your personal leadership guide, here to help you uncover your inner leader and work your skills from the heart to coach your team towards success.

Regaining Agency

Regaining Agency

With my expert guidance, you’ll be back in the driver’s seat in no time, ready to navigate life’s twists and turns with confidence and panache.

Purpose Discovery

Purpose Discovery

With me you’ll discover your inner compass and unlock the secrets to your own unique strengths, passions, and values.

Inner Knowing

Inner Knowing

Together, we’ll harness the power of your intuition, values, and inner knowing to create a world that’s not only better for you but also better for our planet.

Ready to embrace change?

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